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About the Trainer

Seren has been working with a variety of species including horses, dogs, cats and rats, over the past fifteen years. Seren dual-specializes in puppy development as well as behavior modification (Reactivity, Aggression, Fear). Seren currently teaches both group classes as well as private lessons and in-home services for behavior, obedience, detection work, and trick/stunt dog.  She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed, through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. Seren is also passionate about teaching cooperative care handling skills for Fear Free grooming and vet visits. She has successfully completed the Fear Free Animal Trainer Certification Program and is recognized as a Fear Free Professional. Seren is also a Professional Member of the APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers), a Professional Member of the Pet Professionals Guild, a supporting member of the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants), a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Certified Stunt Dog Judge, Certified Canine Fitness Coach and an Official American Kennel Club Evaluator. She continues to regularly attend online classes, seminars, and workshops, to stay up to date and informed with the most current and scientifically based training and tools. Seren trains in/competes in and has titled dogs in various sports including agility, nosework, trick dog, stunt dog, rally, and obedience. In March of 2018 Seren and her dog “Brembo The Wonderpup” traveled to Purina Farms in Missouri to attend the first ever National Stunt Dog Championship where they earned five titles in one weekend, and became the first team from NH (and Brembo the first of his breed) to obtain a Stunt Dog Champion Title. In 2021 Seren and Brembo joined up with the team at McGovern Subaru for their “Subaru Service Dog” commercial series. The commercials starring Brembo have been featured on tv networks including CNN/HGTV/Food Network/MTV/Comedy Central,  as well as YouTube and other social media platforms. Seren is an avid automotive enthusiast and is a board member of the Sports Car Club of New Hampshire. In her free time you can find Seren racing, hiking, kayaking, or biking (usually with at least one dog in tow).

Training Philosophy & Methodology:

“TRAINING is everything, and EVERYTHING is training.” – Seren Maxwell CPDT-KA

I believe the foundation of all training is in the relationship you build with your dog.  Well trained dogs who are polite citizens are dogs who get to enjoy a world that is that much bigger as we include them in our various daily activities and outings. I encourage all dog owners to offer their dog the education they deserve so they can be successful. Through training, we can build a stronger relationship based upon mutual respect, understanding, and communication, with our canine companions.  WDT practices only proven science based training techniques and methods. Our program meets current industry best practice standards using reinforcement to teach and modify behavior, as well as utilizing both the Humane Hierarchy and LIMA (Least Invasive Minimally Aversive) training. Join WDT today and let’s work together to expand your dog’s world. Training is a journey, not a destination, and I can’t wait to be a part of yours!