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Day Training

DAY TRAINING:  In these sessions I will work directly with your dog on specific items we have previously agreed upon to help you reach your training goals. These sessions are designed to be an adjunct to the work you are already doing with your dog. This is perfect for the busy dog owner who may be working with a limited time budget, or who would prefer their dog to work under the direct guidance of a professional. Day training sessions can also be used as an enrichment training walk option for owners who want their dogs to get the most out of their walks, while also reinforcing key behaviors such as loose leash walking, eye contact/check ins, and coming when called. It’s important that any skills we are working on in day training sessions are also being reinforced at home, after each block of day training sessions we will have a transfer session where we meet to go over the skills and behaviors your dog is working on. During these transfer sessions I will show what your dog has been learning and give you the skills and tools you need to maintain these behaviors at home. These sessions are designed to cover items such as foundation obedience (loose-leash walking, polite greetings, come when called), self-control/impulse control, and reactivity (this is on a case by case basis). These sessions are perfect for the busy dog owner looking to offer their dog a little extra mental stimulation/one on one time, or owners looking to advance their dogs learning and reach their training goals. Clients must book a one hour consultation session with me prior to enrolling their dog in our day training program. If you are interested in this program, please send an email to 

Initial Consultation: $100.00 

Transfer Sessions: $115.00

Day Training Sessions: $150.00 This fee includes any travel time to training locations, supplies, as well as transportation costs.

Please contact WDT by email to schedule a consultation.

Please Note: Fees include travel to and from locations within 25 miles of Chester, NH (03036). Additional mileage fees may apply for travel outside of that area.