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Private Sessions

Private Training

Individualized instruction in person or through our virtual learning platform for you and your dog! Private sessions are ideal for clients looking to work on training items such as sit/down/stay/loose leash walking/come when called/leave it etc. This appointment type is also appropriate for therapy dog prep, service dog public access training, or canine sports (scentwork/trick dog). We’ll work together to create a customized training plan that fits you and your dog’s needs! Please note these sessions are not intended to address behavior concerns such as reactivity or aggression. 

Initial Assessment:

In-Home New Client- $150.00

Virtual New Client – $135.00

Follow Up Appointments:

Continuing Private Sessions – $115.00


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Please Note: Fees include travel to and from locations within 25 miles of Chester, NH (03036). Additional mileage fees may apply for travel outside of that area.