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Behavior Modification

behavior modification

Behavior Modification

 These sessions are designed to cover items that go beyond obedience such as fearful behavior/reactivity/aggression/general anxiety/separation anxiety etc. During your initial consultation we will identify your training goals and develop a customized training program designed to fit you and your dogs specific needs. We will start troubleshooting some of the problems you are experiencing and discuss what you can start working on with your dog right away. In this program you will learn the ropes of modifying behavior using reward based methods, learn management and prevention tools, how to counter-condition and desensitize your dog to triggers, and gain an understanding of canine body language and how to read your dog. Due to the many variables involved in behavior modification, the number of sessions required will vary from dog to dog. The initial consultation appointment is a 90 minute appointment where we will sit down together to discuss behavior history and develop our training plan. Please note, each time your dog rehearses a behavior it makes it more likely for it to occur again in the future. For this reason, we do not want to “see” the behavior during our consultation. All relevant information needed to address your behavior concerns can be gained from our discussion during your consultation. If you do have any video previously taken of the behavior, you are welcome to submit that along with your registration paperwork. Videos can be submitted via iMessage, DropBox, or unlisted YouTube video. Virtual consultations are available and recommended for your initial consultation, both modalities are equally effective for this session type. This will allow us to cover the important information and skills you need to know prior to your dog meeting me the first time. Your consultation also includes a follow up email report outlining our training plan/homework and includes any additional resources and recommendations. Additionally, you will receive 60 days of text/email support as well as review/feedback of video homework. Continuing behavior modification sessions are typically forty five minutes to an hour long and may be done in the clients home, at agreed upon locations, or virtually. 

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Initial Consultation:

Virtual Consultation (recommended) – $199.00

In-Home Consultation – $225.00


Follow Up Appointments:

Continuing Behavior Modification Sessions – $115.00


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Please Note: Fees include travel to and from locations within 25 miles of Chester, NH (03036). Additional mileage fees may apply for travel outside of that area.