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behavior modification

In-Home Behavior Modification

It can be difficult to admit that our dog is struggling behaviorally, but the best thing you can do for your dog is ask for help. These sessions are designed to cover items that go beyond basic obedience such as reactivity/aggression/general anxiety/separation anxiety etc. During your initial consultation appointment we will identify your training goals and develop a customized training program designed to fit you and your dogs specific needs. We will start troubleshooting some of the problems you are experiencing and discuss what you can start working on with your dog right away. In this program you will learn the ropes of modifying behavior using reward based methods, learn management and prevention tools, how to counter-condition and desensitize your dog to triggers, and gain an understanding of canine body language and how to read your dog. Due to the many variables involved in behavior modification, the number of sessions required will vary from dog to dog. This will be determined following your initial consultation appointment. Your initial consultation appointment is a 1 -2 hour session and the fee for this session is billed at a flat hourly rate of $85/hr. Future sessions can be purchased individually or as a package at a discounted rate.

Price: $85.00/session

3 Sessions 10% Discount

5 + Sessions 15% Discount


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Please Note: Fees include travel to and from locations within 25 miles of Chester, NH (03036). Additional mileage fees may apply for travel outside of that area.